About Us

We are Wendy and Liz – a mother and daughter team who have been making diaper cakes, backdrops and paper flowers for our family and friends since 2006.

When we found out that Liz was pregnant, I wanted to get her and her husband something special to celebrate their exciting news. I searched the internet and found pregnancy subscription boxes from well know companies, but I felt the price for what she would actually get was disappointing. I knew I could do better. I went shopping and put together a gift box. When I saw how nice it was, I thought other people might like to an alternative to the large companies out there. When I told Liz that we should make our own pregnancy gift boxes, she was thought it might work and we started creating boxes for each trimester and post pregnancy.

I never gave Liz a pregnancy gift box, but she was able to try out almost every product during and after her pregnancy so we know that our pregnancy boxes contain quality products that are appropriate for each phase of parenthood.

We didn’t want to leave Dad out so we also created fun daddy boxes for the soon to be and new daddies. Liz’s husband read every book and used all the products in our Daddy boxes and he was so excited to finally get to wear his “My New Name is Daddy” socks at the hospital when their baby girl was born.

We may be biased, but we think our gift boxes and new parent gifts are a great way to celebrate the soon-to-be and expectant parents in your life.

Our goal is to create special products to celebrate the special moments in your life. If you would like to be updated on our new products, please join our mailing list.


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